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Hacienda La Esmeralda Auction

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Auction overview

Bidding starts: 27 Jun 2017 11:00:00 BST
Ends: 27 Jun 2017 11:00:00 BST
Bidding Agreement

The Esmeralda Special Auction will be held on June 27th, 2017 at 11:00 GMT/UTC.

Auction start time by city

  • London: 12:00 Noon*
  • New York: 7:00AM*
  • Los Angeles: 4:00AM*
  • Sydney: 9:00PM
  • Tokyo: 8:00PM
  • Seoul: 8:00PM
  • Beijing: 7:00PM

*Indicates Daylight Saving Time

Bidding & Samples 

  • In order to bid on this auction you have to be approved before hand.
  • Further sample ordering can be made on this page or during registration
  • The sample box consists of 13 packs of 200g each. Each pack corresponds to one of the 13 auctioned coffee lots mentioned here.

Lots in this auction

Lot Boxes Pounds Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
ES-NAT-16300lbs$25.00/lb$7,500.00Mario Natural1554:17:44
ES-NAT-26300lbs$25.00/lb$7,500.00Trapiche Natural1554:17:44
ES-NAT-318900lbs$25.00/lb$22,500.00Reina Natural1554:17:44
ES-W-16300lbs$25.00/lb$7,500.00Bosque San José1554:17:44
ES-W-212600lbs$25.00/lb$15,000.00Bosque Pascua1554:17:44
ES-W-36300lbs$25.00/lb$7,500.00Guabo Pascua1554:17:44
ES-W-4361,800lbs$25.00/lb$45,000.00Leon Carnaval1554:17:44
ES-W-512600lbs$25.00/lb$15,000.00Mario Enero1554:17:44
ES-W-6482,400lbs$25.00/lb$60,000.00Mario Carnaval1554:17:44
ES-W-7361,800lbs$25.00/lb$45,000.00Mario San Jose1554:17:44
ES-W-8241,200lbs$25.00/lb$30,000.00Noria Pascua1554:17:44
ES-W-9422,100lbs$25.00/lb$52,500.00Porton San Jose1554:17:44
ES-W-10482,400lbs$25.00/lb$60,000.00Porton Pascua1554:17:44
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